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We aim to finally give hundreds of thousands of fair-minded, anti-machine-politics progressive Utahns all across our state a voice! Together, we are a road to change the old boy network regime that has controlled our state for a long, long time.

If we work together, we – the hundreds of thousands of fair-minded Utahans – can change the stifling, right-wing cowering political stranglehold that has held sway in our beloved land for so long.

I believe that the majority of the people in our state share common sense values and do not agree with the extremists that dominate Utah political life today.

**Why do we ask for your cell number? Because we're building Utah's largest texting action network. During the Legislative Session, we want key legislators to receive thousands of texts from Utahns who believe in progressive ideas. We can't do this without your phone number. WE WILL NEVER SHARE THIS INFORMATION