The whole state of Utah should be a Sanctuary Place. People who have lived in Utah for many years, raised their families here, paid taxes here and contributed to our society ought not be hunted down and returned to countries that haven’t been to in years.


The United States is a nation of immigrants, and even today, immigration continues to drive our population and economic growth. Politicians and historians often refer to America as a melting pot, uniting and welcoming people of various national and ethnic backgrounds. But America’s present immigration system presents a more convoluted reality.


Legal and economic obstacles face those who want to come to or stay in the United States. More than 11 million immigrants currently live and work in the U.S. without legal authorization and without any reasonable avenue to change their legal status. This reality complicates the jobs of public service providers and law enforcement officers and inhibits the ability of private sector employers to find workers.


Immigrants to our country often face serious obstacles to pursuing their American dream, most particularly finding safe work that pays a livable wage. Families and individuals who come to the U.S. seek a better life, and yet they often lack access to legal protection and important social services necessary for learning and working.


I believe in meaningful action to modernize America’s immigration system. We need changes that will uphold human dignity, support our economy and – most importantly – keep families together.


We all benefit from a diverse and productive society when industrious people come here to work and raise their families. I fully support further action to ensure DREAMers and their families can fully access and enjoy our society. I also support congressional action to deliver a comprehensive federal solution that creates a path to citizenship for the many immigrants who are already contributing to our society.


I am continuing to work with community groups, religious leaders, employers and the public to guarantee that our laws are sympathetic and helpful to immigrants. I will not allow our immigrant community to be ignored and persecuted! I will fight for their rights.