Tax Reform

Every American should feel confident that they are paying a fair amount of taxes. The current system, both nationally and in Utah, favor the rich, and favor those who have enough money to make the laws. For example, the 2006 "flat tax" took 322 million dollars a year out of Utah's crowded classrooms, and distributed it to 19,000 Utahans who make more than 500,000 dollars a year. That is not fairness, that's creepy.


I pledge to restore the state income tax back to the levels of 2006 for people making more than 500,000 dollars a year, and to take a meat cleaver to the dozens of special interest loopholes which have been added to the Utah state tax system over the last generation.

We can educate our children and run state government with much more revenue without raising taxes without raising taxes on middle income Utahans by simply making the tax system fair for everyone. I will continue to promote tax programs that are fair!