Donald Trump Is Wrong. Not All Media that Tells the Truth Is Fake. We Must Support Our Local Media.

The Tribune’s new online paywall is understandable--but fraught with danger. The paper is in danger of losing 50-75% of their online eyeballs. The loss of fair, independent news by so many Utahns is scary. I appreciate the commitment of the Huntsman Family toward the Tribune (Jon Sr told me they are losing $2-$3 million dollars a year). I hope the firewall works pay plan works and I beg everyone to buy-in. Support local journalism. The Tribune, Deseret News, City Weekly, Ogden Standard, Provo Herald, the Herald Journal, The Spectrum and so many more!

Without an independent, fair, aggressive media--our democracy cannot survive. CLICK A free press is the ultimate check on tyrants and louts. Multiple strong outlets in our community assure competition and that ownership's sacred cows are poked. But, almost certainly, with the pay requirement, fewer people will be reading the Tribune. Vital stories and viewpoints will no longer be seen by many Utahns. Facts on vital issues presented by experienced professional journalists and editors, vetted for truth and objectivity, will be replaced by the unfettered blogosphere, the trolls, bots and click bait.

Support journalism. The county, state, and community we save--may be our own.

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