By Executive Order--He Stabbed the Health Care of Many Utahns!. Yet, There was Deafening Silence fro

Last week he tweeted “ObamaCare is imploding.” That's a F&*^%$ lie. The Affordable Care Act was deliberately shot in the head in a brutal murder by the moron. Trump has introduced his plan to stop subsidy payments to the insurance industry for many of Utah’s poor and middle-class.

The for-profit companies, in turn, are putting their premiums at market prices immediately. Premiums will go up not only for the poor, but billions of dollars in uncompensated care for those cut-off from insurance will now be paid by everyone--including those who have insurance.

Trump's order also, in effect, kills the ACA requirements that insurance companies must cover, such as pre-existing conditions, emergency care, hospitalization, lab testing, maternity care, mental health care, outpatient services, pediatric services, prescription drugs, preventive care and rehab services.

This order makes the insurance companies gods again. They decide who lives and dies. Who and what gets covered and what does not! The insurance companies are rejoicing (SelectHealth, the leader in killing Utah Medicaid Expansion is probably doing cartwheels.)

With this order, many will die. And, as usual, lurking in the muddle, hiding in bunkers, incommunicado, is Utah's all-GOP DC delegation.

Dear Delegation, in this battle between so many of your middle-class constituents who desperately need healthcare and your fringe delegates, where do you stand Mia? Stewart? Hatch?

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