Congressman Bishop Unveils Maybe Worst Bill in History--OK, Little Overblown But, It Is Very Very Ba

Rep. Rob Bishop hideous bill that would gut the protection of America's most vulnerable public land (HR3990) passed last week before the House Committee on Natural Resources, which Bishop chairs.

The bill, which should be named the 'sell the land cheap to the polluters, fossil fuel, and block-the-land off from the outdoor recreationist’s bill', would destroy the 111-year old right of US Presidents to protect threatened public land.

Bishop's bill limits to 640 acres, the amount of federal land that a President can save--and even that piddling amount can only be designated if it is at least 50 miles from existing monuments' boundaries.

Absurdly, Bishop's act would grant unilateral presidential authority to make monument reductions of up to 85,000 acres by fiat. Bishop had the audacity to call his extremist proposal, 'rational and common sense.'

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