What's Life Like for Someone Who is Gay And Raised Mormon?

RYAN SHEA, Instinct Magazine Staff

Religion has always been a very tricky world to navigate if you identify as LGBTQ, and one that is particular tough is the Mormon faith. What really happens when you know who you truly are, but can't express that as everything you have been taught in your religion says that you shouldn't be who you are?

A new film diving deep into the world of being gay and Mormon and the path each person took to find their worth throughout it all. Latter-Day Glory, directed by Brandon Deyette (who also made the fantastic Proxy), discusses the alarmingly high suicide rate of LGBTQ Mormon youth.

The film follows two gay ex-Mormon missionaries, comic book artist Terry Blas and celebrity hair and makeup artist Jonathon Levi Powell, as they travel across the United States to confront their past and explore their futures, while discussing with other gay Mormons and ex-Mormons about the rejection, oppression and the reality of a growing number of suicides they face in the LDS community.

During the film, they meet with former and current members off the LDS community including State Senator Jim Dabakis, Neon Trees' frontman Tyler Glenn, and Real World alumni Chris Ammon.

This is an important film for anyone in our community plus our supporters to get a birdseye view of the difficulties in being raised Mormon yet knowing that you identify as something they are against. They have launched a campaign to raise funds for the post-production of the film which you can see here.

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