Will Hatch, Lee, Stewart and Mia Let America Go Off the Cliff--Before they Call Out Trump?

LDS US Senator from Arizona is as conservative as they get. He and I strongly disagree on most issues. But I admire him. He has GUTS and character. He is telling the truth. Jeff Flake is calling the clown out, risking his standing with the loopies in his party. Risking his reelection.

So, where are Mia, Stewart, Bishop, Hatch and Lee? Silent. Paralyzed. The entire delegation cowering. In bunkers. Holding 'town hall meetings' with their paid staff. HA! They are spooked. Too cowardly to say publicly what they are saying behind closed doors about the Buffoon-in-Chief.

Read what Politico has to say here:


Gentleman and Mia, follow the footsteps of Senator Flake. The future of the Republic may be at stake--get your heads out of the focus groups and polling. Stand up for America!

MORE http://www.politico.com/story/2017/10/19/jeff-flake-trump-arizona-243925

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