What is Keeping Your Kids From a Great Utah Education. A Lousy, Outdated Governing Board! Current Sy

The latest evidence of the Board’s being overtaken by ideological extremists is that they are contemplating turning away $123 million a year so a few kids can exercise their ‘constitutional right’ not to take tests.

I have a legislative proposal to replace the State Board of Education. Here is another eye-rolling move by the wacky--extremist State Board of Education. Now the Board is thinking about forgoing $123 million dollars so that a few kids won't have to take a test or two. The immensely powerful Board of 15 have full responsibility for “general control and supervision” over the entire public education system in Utah! There are some terrific, professional members of the Board, as well as a growing number of Board members who are doubtful about public education and hold extremist ideological views that they use to twist and waste the time and energy of the Board. We should change this outdated model of governance for our state's most expensive and important responsibility-- the education of our young people.

Read Tribune story on turning down money: https://www.sltrib.com/news/education/2018/02/01/utah-board-of-education-flirts-with-turning-away-up-to-123-million-a-year-over-letting-parents-opt-their-kids-out-of-testing/

Not first time Board threatened to turn down desperately needed funding on ideological reasons. In 2014, the Board voted to turn down $26.5 million for Utah if our waiver for Common Core was not approved.

It is time for a new model for governing Education in Utah.

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