Which Romney Would Show Up in DC? ( Now HE Hates the Dream Act)

Have you been wondering which Mitt would show up in the Senate? The Mitt who said 1)Trump is a 'phony and a fraud' or 2) the 'cuddle-up Romney' who showed-up when Mitt was groveling to be Sec of State? Here is what Romney said today about Trump: He has been "pretty effective" to date, citing "substantial accomplishments, you have to look and say how’s it been in the first year and frankly a lot’s been done." Or this, in the Tribune, giving us insight into Mitt's worldview. "We have to stop illegal immigration. I was probably more conservative on that than most Republicans. I won’t mention names but I was not in favor of the DREAM Act."

Looks like Romney will knuckle-in and join Team Trump just like the rest of Utah's shameful DC Delegation.

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