The Only First In USA, .05% DUI. ‘Weird Utah’ Prevails

'Weird Utah' is kicking in again. Governor Herbert told reporters last week that the 0.05 percent blood alcohol limit won't be repealed or delayed.

Governor, Legislature, we get it--you do not drink. But why your death wish for our biggest growth industry--tourist? Wasn't driving away Outdoor Retailers and their $45 million dollars enough? One glass of wine with dinner can make a criminal out of a 125-pound woman. This is a 'moral' message with no scientific evidence to show it will help on public safety issues--quite the contrary. On the downside, Utah's 0.05%, first in the nation non-DUI-DUI, will cost many, many Utah jobs as tourists and conventioneers quietly make other choices. It will also wreak havoc on the lives of numerous innocent Utahns--turning them into criminals. Doubling their insurance rates and costing them jobs and security interests. Sadly, 'Weird Utah' prevails.

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