WHY Won’t Reyes Join Other AG’s in Suing Big Opioid Pharma? NY Times on Reyes

After decades of lying and deception, big tobacco was finally called to account for their evil when State Attorney Generals sued Tobacco Inc. The States won. They received billions in compensation. Utah received hundreds of millions of dollars. Now, 19 states AG's are going after Big Opioid for years of abuse and deception in selling their deadly product. Strangely, AG Sean Reyes refuses to join in the lawsuit. Reyes' biggest campaign contributor is the Republican Attorneys General Association (RAGA, the PAC raised $7.4 million through the first half of 2017). RAGA has laundered hundreds of thousands of dollars into Reyes's campaigns with no disclosure as to where the money really comes from. It's all legal--but it stinks.

Is RAGA money loaded with secret Big Pharma contributors? The dirty money comes from companies who go to RAGA conferences and buy 'face-time' with Republican AG's. Companies that are now or might be sued by the same AG's get to chat. Then, after good face, the AGs ask the companies to make a contribution to the RAGA PAC. The RAGA PAC's then makes one lump contribution to individual AGs. When the RAGA contributions are listed in Reyes campaign disclosure--the cash is posted as a big contribution by RAGA. Not a bunch of contributions from the real sources--Big Pharma, Big Tobacco, Banks, etc.

Really, Mr. Reyes, after all we have been through with sleazy money to Utah AG's, is it asking too much to be straight with taxpayers? Just don't take bundled, undisclosed cash from people you might be deciding to sue--or not. Your full allegiance must be to Utah--not the companies making hidden contributions to you!

Read the full NY Times Article here

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