Herbert Signed the Bill Giving the State Direct Control Over a Massive Part of SLC! Huge Loss For th

Herbert just signed the state's covetous takeover of more than 20% of SLC's geography (21,000 acres) so he and his developer buds can control the inland port in northwest Salt Lake City. It's billions of dollars. Gov says the bill needs fixing--but he signed it anyway. Governor, why did you sign a damaged bill? A promise to change a bad bill? I doubt it. It was the same hollow claim the Gov and GOP legislative leaders gave last year last year about the embarrassing, unscientific .05% DUI. The GOP changed NOTHING on the DUI this year and it will go into effect in December.

Trust me, they will change nothing on this junta against the sovereign land of SLC. BTW, SLC's $100,000+ lobbyists, Ken Bullock and Lynn Pace, who blew the deal with the Legislature, need to be fired immediately. First, lousy SLC lobbyist work got the city the new prison, now this! If these lobbyists had brought Utah's Democratic Senators in on the deal, it would not have happened this way. I promise you that.

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