Orrin Hatch’s “Presidential-Type” Library is Being Funded Secretly by Industry and Special Interests

Damn good reporting by the Tribune! NO TO THE HATCH LIBRARY on a Utah campus until there is full disclosure! Orrin Hatch, as sitting Chair of the powerful Senate Finance Committee, has been collecting millions of dollars from secret donors for his

'Presidential-type' library. That is legal public corruption by another name. Hatch used his massive clout during the tax cuts negotiations to pick winners and losers. He continues to wield power daily over billions of our federal tax dollars. Contributors to the library are known to Hatch but not to the public. Industries and special interests donate anonymously and Hatch is in a position to help their legislation, all very hush-hush. Did Mitt Romney give or direct contributions to the library to 'help' Hatch make up his mind not to run again for the Senate? How much did Mitt put into the library?

All Utah public Colleges and Universities must reject housing this Library until it is clear exactly where all the money came from. We must not allow this shady brand of legal corruption and influence peddling to taint our public institutions. The stain in recent years of the Koch Brothers millions of dollars and their strings has hurt higher education in Utah. If Orrin wants a library on a Utah campus, he must name the names of those who have 'anted' up the cash. If Hatch refuses, Utah's public institutions must refuse to sully their reputations with Hatch's dirty money. Perhaps Provo would take the facility.

Read the Tribune’s story:


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