Provo Freedom Parade’s Homophobic Exec Director Paul Warner Says if ENCIRCLE Will Take the Letters ‘

If Encircle promises not to use the letters LGBTQ anywhere, they 'might' be allowed to march! Homophobic Paul Warner, the executive director of America's Freedom Festival Inc. in Provo, compared beloved Encircle to gun groups. Hero Utah County Commission Chair Nathan Ivie stopped the Festival's $113,000 Utah County taxpayer funding (State gave them 100K). Said Ivie, "It was wrong," Ivie said. "And I find it very offensive because to me, this is the type of group that embodies what we are as Americans ... as Americans, we are a melting pot where different religions, cultures, ideas, can come together and live in harmony and celebrate those differences in a spirit of unity."

Ivie said, after looking at the rules in the contract, he felt that the policy on the festival's right to refuse participation to groups was still vague, and he wants to make sure that a repeat of last year doesn't happen.

"I'm definitely not of an inkling to continue to fund that unless there are significant changes made to the way those situations are handled," Ivie said.

Read Provo Herald story

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