Secret NY Times Insider Documents on the Bears Ears/Grand Escalante Decision Revealed. How Utah Was

1. Utah school kids got gutted by the Trump shrinkage. What the GOP will never tell you is that with Clinton's Grand Escalante protections, Utah netted about $500 million dollars (including $50 million in cash) for SITLA. Hatch asked, but Utah SITLA got nothing from the Trump reductions.

2. Zinke (who cannot stand Rob Bishop) completely ignored Utah's local County Commissioners as he drew the maps.

3. Ignoring the local plans, after energy lobbyists hit up Trump, the shrinkage removed the entire White Canyon uranium district and other known deposits from the monument.

4. Big winners were not Utah school kids or our outdoor families but rather the oil, gas, uranium and potash industries. Lobbyists drew the maps! (Read the emails and documents.)

5. At Grand Staircase-Escalante, the new boundaries are all about coal. Now, some 11 billion or more tons of coal are once again accessible. Also freed up with Trump’s monument shrinkage: up to 10.5 trillion cubic feet of coal bed methane and 550 million barrels of oil from tar sands.

6. Obama's Staff Were in Constant Contact with Utah Congressional Staffers for Months Prior to Obama's Monument Designation

For years, Chaffetz, Bishop, etc. were just toying with Obama's people. I warned them on two White House visits. Obama's people were very naive about Utah's DC delegation.

To read details from a great article by High Country News

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