Is IHC Going from a World Class Non-Profit Who Treated Their Employees with Respect to a “Profit at

While employees are being hammered and cut, the new CEO is socking in at least $1.6 million dollars a year.

It is time for a Union at IHC. Employees--IHC management is clearly not going to respect you--time to stand up for yourselves! One of Utah and America's historically great non-profit Institutions (and the state's largest private employer) has a new $1.6 million dollar a year CEO (plus a bonus?). He is offshoring, lowering benefits, throwing IHC's world-class workforce into shady for-profit employment corporations and single handedly turning IHC's once proud and revered workforce into people cowering in fear for their jobs and their dignity. Shameful. I suppose the bean counters will be happy only when IHC's employees' wages are lowered so that they, like so many other Utahns, will need two or three jobs just to afford a modest house.

Read more from the Deseret News Here

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