Mormons Quietly Building Multi-Million Dollar ‘Coalition’ to Fight Against Medical Cannabis On the B

‘They’ have a serious problem. 77% of the people of Utah DO want medical cannabis. But the state’s ‘we-must-control-everyone’ crowd has plans to get real ugly and loud, against the initiative. A multi-million dollar crusade against medical cannabis is about to be unleashed. An insider tells me that the LDS Church is pulling out all the stops, in what will be the biggest political operation since Prop 8. They will lead an opposition coalition. My source who has worked on several campaigns, says officials are talking about a $20 million dollar fund (some tax free) to keep legal medical cannabis out of Utah.

Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians and Socialists---we need to stand up for freedom, independence and for those who are suffering and cannot stand for themselves!

To the opponents, we say, ‘There is enough needless suffering. Get over irrational 1950’s fears. Stop telling tormented Utahns that you don't like their herbal remedy. And, please stop putting the hurting into the criminal justice system!’

The anti side keeps saying there is no evidence medical pot is helpful. Truth is, the facts are there--the anti-side just chooses to ignore facts with which they do not agree. The same people who say there are not enough ‘facts’ (Orrin, Mia, Stewart etc) for legalization, have made it illegal for the US Government (the largest funder of medical research in the world) to do drug tests to see if medical cannabis is effective and safe. It is currently against the law to do such research with government money!

But if opponents would look with an open heart, if they would read the facts, they would see that this herb helps many people. In places where cannabis is legal, to date, published just in the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association, there have been 79 studies that tested cannabis’ medicinal effectiveness. Additionally, in Europe, there have been countless more scientifically rigorous papers published. This is not unexplored science.

The sad truth is, the Utah political establishment minority machine is spooked by medical cannabis--reefer madness. No facts will change their minds.

I say, to you, the 77%, stick with your values on this. Ignore the onslaught of fuzzy facts and fake news about the horrors of medical pot. Make your own decision.

Meanwhile, buckle-up--it is going to get very bumpy.

Watch the video from CNN

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