ENOUGH! It’s time For SLC to Go To Court. State Elected Officials May Not Steal 25% of Our City So T

Dear Salt Lake City. Stop pussyfooting around! Sue the state and fire your two ($100,000 plus), feckless lobbyists! Truth is, powerful state elected officials, many of whom are developers, coveted OUR land. They moved during the waning moments of the legislative session and stole 4000 developable acres of SLC's land. 25% of the City's land. They grabbed the land from the rightful owner--without compensation! These state officials want to turn our land over to their buddies, to build a coal port or whatever--and they want to do it without having the 'bother' of dealing with the people and officials of Salt Lake City! BULL. SLC, stop arguing over details--go to court on principle! You will win.

Read More from the Deseret News here

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