Hey Congressman Stewart, Remember Last Month When You Smugly Ended Your House Intelligence Committee

Well, Chris, AT&T now says it paid President Trump's bagman Michael Cohen $50,000 a month for a year while Trump was president. Congressman, you sorry that you stopped looking for what happened? Chris, are you ready to apologize to the voters yet?

AT&T Inc. Chief Executive Officer says paying Cohen was a “big mistake." Congressman Stewart --HAVE YOU NO CURIOSITY (unless it is about Hillary's email server)? You now keep demanding Mueller end his investigation immediately. Why? Are there questions about which you don't want to know the answers? Have you turned into Trump's toadie lapdog? Does covering up for Trump mean more to you than your reputation? Please stop burrowing into the swamp--just tell the truth and follow the facts---is that too much to ask?

Read MORE https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-trump-daniels-at-t-exclusive/exclusive-att-ceo-says-hiring-trump-lawyer-was-big-mistake-memo-idUSKBN1IC1L6

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