State Clobbered SLC in Horrendous NW Quadrant, ‘In-land Port’ Law. It MUST Be Changed or SLC Residen

This is My Shot at Pushing Everyone to Get Serious About These Important Changes!

Here is the deal. The horrendous bill passed by Legislature and signed by Gov is incalculably bad for people of SLC and state. But it's the law. I am afraid that it will stand.

The law now:

1. The new Port Authority does not share any revenue with SLC (our understanding is a 75-25 split).

2. The law in effect now gives all land control issues to the 'Authority' and takes all and immediate land use planning out of the SLC (compromise gives SLC complete control for 6 months, with restrictions on Authority after that).

3. Our ideas take all the wetlands OUT of the Authority--so that some future 'Authority board' can never 'unprotect' the delicate land.

4. Current state law says they can bring in every kind of nasty stuff with little or no environmental control. Our understanding changes that. Some serious federal environmental standards that are not in the law will be included.

5. The old power scheme (but not in law) was to take the SL International Airport governance out of city control and give it to the state. Our understanding puts in statute that the airport will never be given to the Port Authority or the state.

6. Our understanding protects revenue for low income housing (to be spent in the city not just in Port area).

On and on. Without changes, the status quo that started June 1 may well be in place forever. The Port Authority now exists. We must get this changed. I would dance with the devil (you know, like Greg. We have developed a grudging respect for each other and my hat is off to the Speaker. In the bill, he got everything he wanted and if he desired, he could just say buzz off to all changes). So, to get these things changed for the people of the NW, for the City and for our state--let the talks begin and let the bombs stop flying and see if we can come together! THIS IS THE BEGINNING OF THE PROCESS, NOT THE END! But it must end soon, with a serious change to the Port Authority Law. If I am a traitor for sitting down with Hughes--call me Benedict!

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