Herbert Shills for Pollution Lobbyist? The Governor premier pollution lobbyist bullet points and pa

This makes me and your children ILL. You want clean air in Utah? You better vote for new people! More evidence piling up that the Governor and the Legislature take their clean air marching orders from the pollution lobby. Politico first reported on Herbert's emails, which came from a 2017 freedom of information lawsuit between the Sierra Club and the EPA.

One email had suggested talking points from superstar energy lobbyist Marc Himmelstein to loosen ozone air quality regulations in Utah’s Uinta Basin for oil and gas developers.

The Governor took those same polluters lobbying points and passed them along (as his--and our--own) to EPA head, Scott Pruitt, pushing Pruitt to loosen important regulations. Making our Utah air even dirtier! But keeping the pollution lobby happy.

This is how it works. Polls show air quality is a top choice in what Utah voters demand. But the lobbyists, who fund the state political machine, make less money if they have to clean up after their messes.

So, Utah politicians blah, blah, blah about clean air but they are careful to give the pollution lobby what they really want...dirty air. Ultimately, Utah’s public officials take their direction from polluters instead of the public. http://kuer.org/post/new-emails-show-link-between-utah-governors-office-and-lobbyist-epa-air-quality-rule#stream/0

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