Utah Man Puts Out Album on the Pain/Joy of Transition from One Relationship to Another. Listen.


EVOLOVE is a 25 track concept album about the transition from one lover to another - all the heartache, the butterflies, and the torturous in between. You see, the same day I parted ways with my ex, I met the man who would later become my husband. I went on a wild journey of emotions while I was trying to find myself between the blurred lines of the familiar and the new. I wrote these songs to make sense of it all. EVOLOVE is my musical diary. It’s a bit too honest and it’s dripping with vulnerability. I want to share it with the world.


On stage, I’m ARKO. But, you can call me Arthur Francis if you’d like. I’ve been writing songs since I learned to walk and I’ve been honing my craft ever since. Over the last twelve years, I’ve taught myself how to write, produce, and perform my own music. I’m a bit of a perfectionist so I’m “hands-on” with every step of the process (I even studied graphic design so I could create my own album artwork). I don’t just wanna make songs, I want to make art. I write to share real, raw stories. Music isn’t just my passion. It’s my closest friend I can tell my deepest, most emotional secrets to. Music was there for me when I told my family I was gay. It was there for me when I dealt with chronic anxiety. And, it was there for me when my love-life was an absolute shit show. Writing songs is my therapy, so my music is nothing short of authentic. And, there is nothing I love more than connecting and sharing my experiences with others.


This album is, by far, the largest musical project I’ve ever felt inspired to produce. The idea came to me one day as a single-thought-download from the cosmos and I knew I had to create it. At that point, most of the songs were already written, but they were locked up in my notebook serving as time-capsules of my journey. They weren’t written to be shared, but that’s why I need to share them.

Radio has always been “straight-washed”, but even gay artists today censor themselves to make their songs more accessible to listeners. I refuse to do that. I want the gay men in our community to have songs they can relate to. Songs about love, and intimacy, and confusion, and breaking up with another man. I want to tell my story, not because it’s exceptionally unique, but because I know that pieces of my story are also pieces of theirs.

My goal for this album is to create a piece of art that is unabashedly gay, but universal at the same time. I want this album to create more understanding and acceptance for our community. Because, in the end, it’s not an album about gay love. It’s an album about transitions. It’s about body image issues, and meeting parents for the first time, and karma’s sense of humor, and sexual tension, and saying goodbye, and saying “I do". It’s about honoring your past and embracing your future. And, I think that story is worth telling.


I’m currently taking pre-orders for EVOLOVE to help crowd fund the rest of the production budget. Even though it’s already written, I need help covering the costs of studio time, recording, mixing, and mastering. I wanna tell this story as beautifully as I can. But, to do that, it will take a big chunk of time and money. I’m gonna bust my ass to put in the time. Will you help me out a bit on the money part?

You can learn more and pre-order the album at: www.iamarko.com. You’ll get to download the first single right away and I’ll send you the full album when it’s finished. There are also several other perks you can choose from if you want help me out a little more: show tickets, signed posters, access to early releases, etc. Pick your perk at: https://iamarko.com

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