As State GOP Political Machine Cheers, Massive Utah Oil Shale Project That Threatens Public Health,

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) plans to grant the Estonia-owned Enefit American Oil rights-of-way to build water, gas, electric and oil-product lines to its 13,000-acre strip-mining “South Project” on private land. In total, Enefit has 30,000 acres of private, state and public-land leases in the Uinta Basin. The land contains an estimated 2.6 billion barrels of kerogen oil, and its extraction would require pumping billions of gallons from the Colorado River Basin.

"This plan would turn plateaus into strip mines, pull precious water from our rivers, and cause dangerous climate and ozone pollution. It’s everything the Colorado River Basin doesn’t need,” said John Weisheit, a river guide and the conservation director of Living Rivers. “The BLM should dump this plan and stop wasting time and money by propping up Enefit’s wild speculation.”

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