It Has Been Just Over A Year Since Mia Love, Chris Stewart and Mike Lee Cheered on President Trump a

The Legislature and Governor in Utah 'study' everything. Thousands of reports, commissions and metric-driven data bits are produced every year, yet Utah has never studied the effect of climate change on our dry state.

In 2018, a legislative committee unanimously killed a resolution that said climate change exists. Then, a 'compromise' resolution passed. It said nothing about global climate change, feebly mentioning 'changes are happening.' The resolution left it up to the reader to guess what the 'changes' might be. No plan nor any call for action. WOW!

Yet, Utah Capitol Hill got giddy with the resolution passage. “Finally,” they said, “action on climate change.” Republicans and Dems took this as some grand bipartisan victory and celebrated. Bull.

As Utah ignores the most important issue of our time--record heat is hitting across our state. We are running low on water. Devastating fires and horrendous droughts surround us. Yet our state's political machine puts its collective head in the hot sand, lest their Fox-informed base be ruffled.

One day our great grandkids will know our names--with shame. We did nothing--at the time when something could have been done.

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