Sick Priorities. Utah is Getting a $60 Million Dollar Tax Windfall and Will Now Collect Internet Sal

If you have high blood pressure--do not read this. A Supreme Court ruling earlier this year allows states to collect sales tax on internet sales. Utah's share will be about $60 million dollars from retailers who have not been collecting sales tax. But, the cash has already been given away. BUT NOT FOR SCHOOLS!

Soulless lobbyists beat our kids to the punch in gobbling up the new money. Sitting on the Tax and Rev Committee, I was proudly the only NO vote for a $55-million dollar tax break for certain Utah manufacturers. But even that was not enough to satiate the greedy corporations and their hugely paid lobbyists' buddies (imagine how much the corps are paying their 'connected people' who are bringing them $55 million in windfall cash). The Legislature then handed out another $25 million dollars in added tax cuts to exempt certain manufacturers from their fair share of local taxes as well. That's $80 million a year in corporate welfare! Poof.

BTW, the Utah political machine keeps saying it has 'no money' for full Medicaid Expansion, $84 million a year of state money would grow to $877 million for healthcare coverage to Utah families. The GOP also say there is no money to remove the regressive sales tax on food ($84 million a year). Funny, while there is no money to help the people or our crowded classrooms--there are always millions for those folks with the right lobbyists.

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