For more than 30 years, this woman, Mavis Green, has kept me and Stephen safe. My secretary, my assi

It was so hard for this former Relief Society president who has helped so many over so many years to accept a helping hand. It was terrible to watch and feel so helpless as the disease and the cure raged. The diagnosis, the chemo, the ups and downs.

Just now, the official word has come down. No more treatment. No more chemo. No stem cell transplant. The recently diagnosed strain of cancer is a non-aggressive type and there is no further risk. Hallelujah! Typical, for the very low key Mavis, when she told me, I got emotional, she, said “thanks” and quickly moved on to an unreported $13.44 deposit I had made--and why I hadn't informed her of the source? Mavis Green--you are priceless and loved.

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