OMG, Love Loud - A Utah Gift to the World!

Thank you Dan Reynolds, Tyler Glenn, Barb and Steve Young, Tim Cook, Stephanie Larsen, Becky Anderson Pickel and thousands more at Love Loud! Yes, you raised a million dollars for queer kids projects but more important you told our UTAH LGBTQ kids that they matter, that they are loved and that anyone or any group that says different is pathetic, wrong and destined to the ash heap of history! And to that 12-year-old girl in Southern Utah or the trans kid struggling alone in Cache County, being told that ‘conversion therapy’ is an option you – our dear courageous young – are now empowered to tell the (sometimes well-meaning but deadly uninformed) tormentors that they are wrong and creepy! Ask the 'therapists' and their allies if, with enough conversion blah, blah (and sincere prayer), if they could convert to queer?

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