Seriously, It’s RIGGED! Gerrymandering: How the GOP Machine has Made Backroom Deals Letting A Few Po

WONK: It's rigged. Here is how gerrymandering for Congress works in Utah. If SL County had, for example, one seat in Congress-if there was ONE district totally enclosed within the County it would be a competitive seat. SL County is pretty even (Hillary 42%, Trump 33%). Instead, the gerrymanders in the Legislature, obsessed on destroying the possibility of competitive races, cut-up SL County into three districts, diabolically adding in voters from GOP strongholds far from Salt Lake County. For example, Steward has 1/3 of his district in Salt Lake City. But, the scoundrels decided SLC's Dems needed to be neutered. So they added 1/3 of Stewart's District from 'safe' Davis County (Trump 44%, Hillary 21%) and another 1/3 from Washington County (Trump 68% Hillary 10%). Presumably, because people in SLC and St. George have so much in common. That's how it works. That's why people in SLC (and many folks in SL County) have representatives that do not represent their views. The legislative boundaries are drawn for obvious political outcomes--not for fairness! You have politicians picking their constituents--not vice versa.

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