$12.50 an hour! Just where in SLC can you live on that? Last week at the Legislature, the bottles of

The workers will be paid $12.50 an hour. That's a gross of just $2,100 a month for full-time work. If Amazon wants to come fine--welcome. But, being a capitalist, I ask, why is government giving them millions in hardworking taxpayers dollars--to bring those unlivable jobs here when the unemployment rate is 3.9%? If we taxpayers are paying an 'inducement' to get, say, $70,000 a year jobs (plus benefits) from Adobe that might be worth the cost. But if the jobs are paying an unlivable wage, I say, Mr. Bezos welcome to Utah---but come without millions in taxpayers welfare! (As a footnote, the legislature just exempted Amazon from paying sales tax on their millions in equipment.)

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