It’s Personal:Typical Dabakis screw-up.

I decided to pop down from Mexico to Cartagena, Colombia for a few days (Stephen is leading a group in Russia). It is awesome here. But this morning I left my America First Credit Union card in the ATM. Leaving me with no means of support. Aw oh. LOCAL Bank was zero help. Desperate, I waved down a policeman.

Using mostly Google Translate, I explained the situation. He talked into his walkie-talkie. Five minutes later a woman brought the card! Yea. She works at a mall and had found the card in a ladies room. Maria, (lady on left with glasses) works giving manicures and pedicures. So, I just got my first of both....loved it. Maria is an escapee from the horrors of Venezuela. OMG she had a some stories. I am going to her house for dinner tonight. She has 3 kids, her husband works in a tire factory. Ummmm, looking forward to home cooked food and hearing about life in Venezuela and Colombia.

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