It's time. Where are the Barry Goldwater’s of 2018? The moment for Utah’s DC Delegation to stand

On August 7, 1974, three Republican leaders of Congress walked into the Oval Office to deliver one of the most serious messages ever given to a President of the United States. The delegation was led by Sen. Barry Goldwater of Arizona, who had himself been a losing presidential candidate. He was a curmudgeon, but he had great stature in the party. Goldwater spoke from his heart. He told Nixon that the anarchy and chaos that had gripped America during the Watergate scandal needed to end. Goldwater said that the politicians needed to get back to arguing about bills and policy. Not divisive, endless bickering about if the president was a crook or not.

Goldwater, along with House Republican Leader John Rhodes and Senate Republican Leader Hugh Scott, entered the Oval Office around 5 p.m. The Arizona senator sat directly in front of Nixon’s desk, the others to the side. BREAK

Goldwater told Nixon that he would vote to remove him from office and that others would follow. The Republican delegation told Nixon that his leaving the White House voluntarily would be best not only for their party and America, but it would be best for Nixon and his family as well.

Within 24 hours, Nixon resigned. Gerald R Ford became the 38th President. The entire nation averted a constitutional bullet and perhaps bloodshed in the streets.

Utah delegation, your leadership could change America. Your courage could save our grand experiment in governing. Or you could just continue to stay silent. Loyal to Trump--instead of America.

Senator Hatch--your legacy awaits.

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