Vote FOR Ballot Question One. Either Way, It’s Time for a Utah Education STRIKE!

Faced with a devastating teacher shortage Governor Herbert says, ‘We need to find a way to pay them more’ DUH!

The Legislature and Governor wanted to do nothing. They finally settled on not opposing Question One (an expensive non-binding poll). After 30 years--the people of Utah and our educators need to stand up! They need to STRIKE! In 2018, it has worked in a number of poorly funded red states. Face it Utah! The legislature is NEVER going to ‘get’ it. It’s time for a strike! It’s time for the people of Utah to support our teachers, educators, support staff--and our students!!! And, let me tell you, as a guy who was on education legislative committees for 6 years, we can do hundreds of millions more in funding--WITHOUT raising taxes! BREAK

The Republican party machine has contempt for teachers and education! Having waived all requirements for mandatory teaching certificates, losing almost 50% of young teachers before 5 years in the profession, it is time for ACTION! The state was hundreds of positions short this fall for qualified educators in our schools. Gary Herbert thinks maybe we should figure out a way to get a few more bucks for teachers-during this unprecedented crisis of a shortage of teachers. HUM.

Utah Educators, it's time for you to STRIKE! It's been the same song--for thirty years. Might be time to change your 8-Track. Stop being so damn passive. Grow some. Stop apologizing for wanting enough money to raise a family and buy a house. Start demanding--stand up to the state political machine beast. Have some dignity for yourself and your profession. In 2018 education strikes worked! Especially in red states.

Summary of strikes and protests by state:

*Arizona April 26, 2018 ended May 3, 2018

Statewide strike:

20% salary raise for teachers by 2020

9% raise for teachers in 2018–19 school year

subsequent 5% raises for the next two years

Increased support staff salaries

*Colorado April 27, 2018 ended May 12, 2018

Teachers strike in numerous counties

Immediate 2% salary increase

Education budget infused by hundreds of millions

*Oklahoma April 2, 2018 ended April 12, 2018

Statewide teachers strike

$6,000 salary raise for teachers

$1,250 salary raise for support staff

Large increase in public school funding

*Virginia February 28, 2018 ended May 12, 2018 Adjunct faculty protest

25% wage increase for adjunct faculty

*West Virginia February 22, 2018 ended March 7, 2018

Statewide strike

5% pay raise for teachers

Trust me, if the state wanted to--it's not hard to find big money for education--without raising taxes. Just last month in special session--as in emergency session--Utah's Governor and Legislature gave $80 million dollars a year, on-going, to a few, mostly international, mining and manufacturing companies (who also just happen to be great funders to the GOP). Part of the Utah Corporate Welfare Package totaling over $500 million dollars a year!

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