One Utah Woman’s Moving Appeal to Hatch and Lee

Dear Senators Hatch and Lee, In 1968 I was a freshman at BYU and went to the Health Center because I had strep throat. The doctor that I saw was the grandfather of a friend of mine in my dorm. I saw him twice, and both times he insisted on doing breast exams on me. I don't know why I was stupid enough to allow it, but I did. Nevertheless, I felt thoroughly violated, ashamed, embarrassed, fearful, and never told anyone until a couple of months ago.

Do you blame me for this happening? Are you surprised that I didn't report it? Do you think that I made this up? When I posted it, there was a response from another woman who said that "it was probably the same doctor that molested me there." Do you think that me reporting it at the BYU health center would have enhanced my existence at BYU, or in my dorm? I would politely like to suggest major reality checks for both of you. This happens all of the time, even at BYU, and so many girls will never, ever say anything. Apparently, for Dr. Ford, it finally became important enough to set aside the enormous feelings of shame, and I am angry that she is being ridiculed, threatened and shamed more by men who are elected to help people.

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