A warning. Don’t vote for the conservative Utah County ‘United Utah Party’. They cannot win--but the

United is a mostly anti-marriage equality crowd of frustrated Provo egg-heads who think they can win by being Republican-lite. Here are a few places where they could play the spoiler for great Democratic candidates:

Sandy/Draper District 32 Rep. LaVar Christensen’s old district. Fabulous physician Democrat Suzanne Harrison lost to Christensen by five votes in the 2016 race. She scared Christensen out of the 2018 race and is facing fringe Republican Brad Bonham. It will be close; the United Utah Party candidate could pull enough votes away from Dr. Harrison for the Trump Republican to win.

West Valley District 31 Democrat Elizabeth Weight is facing a challenge from right-wing Fred Johnson and a United Utah candidate. Elizabeth needs to represent people in WVC--the United candidate could pull just enough votes away from her to give that seat to a Trump Republican.

Sandy District 49, where incumbent Republican Robert Spendlove, is facing a tremendous Democrat Anthony Sudweeks. He is one of the finest candidates for elected office in Utah that I have ever known. But again, there is a United Utah Republican lite who may give the race to the incumbent.

Senate District 8 appointed incumbent Republican Brian Zehnder is hard working, experienced Democrat Kathleen Riebe. But as a possible spoiler--there is a United Utah candidate on the ballot.

United party chair is Richard Davis, a BYU political science professor and recent Deseret News columnist (who gives Orrin Hatch a good run on being a conservative). He, like many ‘United’ officials cozy up to Trump--they don’t want to ‘lose’ the middle. Davis is not even sure that Trump is unethical. Speaking of Trump, Davis said, “The cooler heads are saying we need more information, Utahns like high ethical standards in their elected officials and if (Trump) doesn't meet that standard, he's going to lose support. But we don't know."

Professor Davis, we Utah Democrats know. Donald J Trump is not ethical.

Don’t vote for United Utah--disguised Republicans, looking for legitimacy from real Democrats.

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