Why is 85-year-old gambling mogul Sheldon Adelson so happy with Mia Love & Orrin Hatch? Reports

Are the millions Adelson is pouring into shady PACs being used to run negative ads against McAdams? Perhaps Adelson is devoted to Love and the other Republicans in DC because of the windfall he pocketed from the Trump/Love tax cuts, which particularly favored companies like Adelson's Las Vegas Sands. The company's own estimate is that Sands received tidy $1.2 billion dollars!

Adelson has already sent $25 million to the Senate super PAC and $30 million to the House super PAC. Now, after begging by GOP Congressional leadership-- he is reportedly getting ready to drop another $55 million last-minute dollars into House races.

Even if Adelson's political contribution is $100 million dollars to help get Mia Love and her friends re-elected, it is a small price to pay for him. Just a smart business decision. Adelson pays out $100 million in donations-and rakes in an extra $1.2 billion dollars-a YEAR. WOW, everyone wins.

Meanwhile, back in Utah, Ben gets battered by nebulous negative ads. Destroying the reputation of an honorable man. All quietly funded by a shady Las Vegas casino operator.

Is that the Utah way?

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