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I went out of respect to the hundreds of thousands of Utahns who worked so hard to get an important public issue to the voters. These petitioners found their work, will and passion disrespected and demeaned by the state political power machine.

The tireless work tens of thousands of Utahns all across our state was condescendingly dismissed by the GOP state political machine and their ‘reefer madness’ frenzy allies. I decided I owed it to the petition volunteers to at least sample, even for just a minute what they were talking about!

Truth is, a gummy bear didn’t do much for me. A little buzz. It was simply no big deal. I needed to know that. This state establishment hysteria is misplaced.

VOTE FOR PROP 2. There is a lot of dirty politics here. When it became apparent they were going to LOSE at the ballot box, the political machine went into full action mode. They decided to JOIN the cannabis caravan--so they could control exactly where the movement was going. Next, the Republican legislative leaders when into secret meetings. Together with Marty Stephens, the LDS Church’s lobbyist, this group ‘negotiated’ a compromise with themselves!

The Deseret News now editorializes that the issue is over. There is a compromise. No need to vote for Prop 2. I believe that dead wrong. If Prop 2 fails, the legislature may or may not pass a medical bill. And even if a bill passes, it will have poison pills attached that will make it make it useless.

Watch my FB Live event here

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