Lake Powell Pipeline: The Shocking Stealth Utah Plan for You to Be on Hook for Billions

Guess who is ultimately on the line for billions of dollars in the financially and environmentally shaky, multi-billion dollar St George Lake Powell Pipeline? Yep, you, Utah state taxpayers. The state has already spent tens of millions of dollars in planning. But GET THIS, Utah state and water district officials often insist that there are currently NO cost estimates available for the project. HUH? Say what? No costs? What fool would spend millions (and plan to start full construction in 2020) without a serious cost estimate?

A more likely explanation is that officials know the cost but they are unwilling to tell the taxpayers until they perceive that the project is too far down the pipeline to stop.

Everything depends on Washington County's ability to keep up the tremendous growth they have enjoyed over the last few years – for another 50 years. But if growth slows, there will be big, big problems on paying for the pipeline.

State and local officials, water district people and Chamber of Commerce folks pooh-pooh fears that growth will stall.

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