December 16, 2019

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December 19, 2017

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Medical Cannibals (Prop 2) on Agenda at Legislative Special Session Today. The Fix Is In. Legislature and Gov. Will Repeal the Will of the Voters and Replace It with the Will of Six Lobbyists!

December 3, 2018

The Legislature will meet in Special Session on Monday morning to contemptuously overthrow the will of the voters on Prop 2.  I have two substitute bills, I will introduce on Monday.


Here is a copy of my MEDIA RELEASE:


Senator Jim Dabakis (D-SLC) announced today he will be introducing two substitute bills in the Monday, December 3rd Special Session called for the purpose of overturning the vote of the people on medical cannabis and substituting the will of a group of elite lobbyist.


*Dabakis said, “Just days after an election, after the people have spoken, to allow a clique of unelected, self-appointed, unrepresentative lobbyists who sat in a backroom somewhere and ‘compromised’ among themselves to extinguishing the will of the voters, shows a paternalistic contempt for Utah voters. For the Legislature and Governor to outsource this important responsibility, rubber stamping the narrow view of this group makes Utah appear to have more in common with a banana republic than the proud republic we purport to be.


*Our sacred governing documents say, We the People, not We the Lobbyists or We the State!


*Passage of the ‘Compromise Bill’ would be the greatest victory for big-nanny state government in a generation, perpetrated by those who continually yack about small government!


Senator Dabakis will have two substitute bills in the Senate on Monday morning:


One bill will make legislative staff-suggested technical changes in Prop 2, changes needed to better implement the law. This sub will not make the multitude of substantive changes that are included in the so-called ‘Compromise Bill’.


The second substitute will accept the process for the State to issue medical cards but then once issued, the card will decriminalize possession of cannabis for Utahns with the card. Leaving it up to patients to decide where to get their medical-help cannabis.


Simple. A way to get help for patients without setting up a nightmare DABC-type of state-run bureaucratic, monopoly mess.


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