Dear Senator-Elect Romney, I have a very specific ask. As perhaps your harshest, most relentless cr

Your life experience and gravitas in our tragically divided nation may allow you to do something that has eluded American elected leaders for generations.

I implore you to sit down with Democrats and Republicans and work out a common-sense, long-term solution for America on health care. We are in an intolerable-no man's land of uncertainty, ineptitude and inefficiency with 18% of the entire economy.

I believe you are the single person in America that could find common ground on the issue. Dump the parts of Obama Care that don't work and preserve the parts that do. Build a plan with reasonable Democrats (yes, they exist). Start with no sacred cows on any side. Defy the extremists (frankly, people like me on this issue) and find a way to craft an affordable, available and dependable health care plan that will allow American families, employers and employees to plan ahead for generations to come. Imagine what productive energy we could unleash for America if we could remove the dark cloud of uncertainty on this issue.

We are Americans – we can do this. And your life experience and history have uniquely placed you in a position to lead this effort! Will you consider guiding a rudderless America on this issue? It is a goal worthy of your talents and skills.

I am convinced that no one else can or will do it Mr. Romney.

Warmest regards,


P.S. I am sure I will still be taking shots at you on other issues. It is kind of my job. But if you undertake this, I will gulp and stand with you. (And I do apologize for using that dank photo of you with President Trump having dinner about 1000 times during the campaign.)

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