Last week, Mike Lee had another little-boy-temper-tantrum.

If America is looking for a reason why DC is dysfunctional--look no farther than Utah Senator Mike Lee.

As the Senate neared adjournment for the year, it attempted to pass by unanimous consent a 680-page bill that combined dozens of public lands bills into one package. All it would take is just one senator to block that time-saving move. The final package included only bills both parties in both houses agreed. Lee’s proposal lacked that support--so Lee lashed out against his colleagues.

A very upset Republican rural Emery County Commissioner Kent Wilson told the Tribune, “Twelve public lands council managers, three county commissioners and 99 senators think it’s a good idea, and Sen. Lee thinks he knows better. I don’t think so.”

Earlier this month Senator Mike Lee, by himself, blocked a bipartisan attempt to ensure that President Trump cannot fire special counsel Robert Mueller. (Lee said his constitutional training--unlike 99 other Senators--told him that protecting Mueller was unconstitutional.)

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