Bet you didn't know this. 2019 Legislative fallout continues! $28 million dollars was snuck away for the INLAND PORT moments before the 2019 Session ended! Without a hearing, with barely a peep! RUSH, RUSH, RUSH and HUSH, HUSH, HUSH! Guess who didn’t vote against that funding--it may surprise you (more coming next week). BREAK

Legislators shoved millions to build roads to the Inland Port. BTW, at the same time, there were only crumbs for potholes on State Street, 7th East and 13th East (State roads).

The Legislature completely dumped the normal, rigid, Utah Transportation.

Commission’s evaluation process (a process put in place to stop corruption and political shenanigans and ensure that only the most worthwhile projects are funded) to give money to the golden child--Inland Port roads and a number of other pork projects.

Legislators simply inserted earmarks for their pet projects in an existing bond bill. Ignoring all the normal safeguards.

This maneuver deserves a Utah Golden Fleece Award. Millions in spending, money not required to undergo the normal scrutiny. Not required to compete with projects that have been in the transportation funding line. Legislators pet projects, unworthy by the normal process – touched by the hand of power – immediately brought to the top of the funding barrel.

All done in a terrific rush. No time for questions. An action perhaps designed to be lost in the rush. With little or no debate and absolutely no public input. No opportunity to respond by those projects who were passed over--some of whom may be in your neighborhood--projects that may have been waiting for years.

Great story by Tribune's Lee Davidson

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