It is Time for Utah Teachers to Strike.

It is time for the rest of us to support our teachers and Utah’s children! This Utah GOP party machine is NEVER going to give teachers respect or put enough money aside to make our kids competitive in a flat world economy. The state right now has over a billion dollars in the education fund--yet they refuse to spend it on EDUCATION!

*Utah’s average teacher pay ($47,604) is significantly lower than the national average ($60,483).

*Utah’s average pay is also the lowest among the eight Mountain States (including Idaho).

*Utah’s teachers on average earn less than three-quarters of what private sector professionals with bachelor’s degrees in other fields earn. MORE

The legislature is freaking out because the education fund money has to be spent on EDUCATION. Our GOP political machine is desperate to get their hands on that money and get it out of the education fund. There will be a Special Session soon to maneuver just that. They call it 'rebalancing'. I call it ripping off our children's future.

Utah still ranks 50th in per-student spending. Time for Utah teachers to strike?

*Stats from Utah Foundation

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