So Much is Wrong with this Sanctimonious Op-Ed by Orrin Hatch

First, he has the audacity to complain about court packing after his leadership in the Merrick Garland fiasco.

Second, this bizarre obsession with 'religious liberty'. With all the problems in the world, this is where the thud comes down?

Third, I am not pleased that Utah taxpayer dollars will be subsidizing the Hatch Center, which will be hosting "its very first religious liberty symposium." They will be presenting a one-sided propaganda barrage with people like the Executive Vice President of the Federalist Society.

Thanks to you, after pressure on this Facebook page and other places, the legislature backed off on contributing millions of state money for funding the $32 million dollar Orrin G. Hatch 'Presidential' styled library. But with the Hatch Center's tie to the University of Utah, we need to be vigilant in watching that tax dollar are not used to push Hatch's sometimes radical, personal partisan political agenda.

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