This was posted by an elected official in the Utah House of Representatives.

The San Juan County establishment just cannot get over the fact that the majority Native people in the County have taken 2/3rd of the County Commission seats.

“The Trib is such a vile, self-gratifying group of misguided haters that anything they print is nothing but vomit. Gerrymandering has been in place in San Juan County since the federal court ordered it and created the districts in 1984 and declared that they, the court, would retain jurisdiction over all matters related to voting in San Juan County. Now you have SUWA groupie and federal judge Bob Shelby joining the circle.”

“Bears Ears National Monument was born out of a rare alliance of five sovereign American Indian nations — Navajo, Zuni, Hopi, Ute and Ute Mountain Ute. Its very existence comes from the tribes’ desire to recognize a common ancestral homeland,” says Trib editorial board. LOL! It was born out of greed.

The truth is that San Juan County worked earnestly with Utah Dine Bikeyah and jointly proposed a federal designation that would have provided genuine recognition without prostituting the area for industrialized tourism. It was Dennis Sizemore, his trainee Gavin Noyse, Mark Maryboy, and the folks at Round River Conservation that sold out to Conservation Lands Foundation.

Why doesn’t the Trib put a name to this article? Why does a piece of excrement like the Trib continue to be propped up by taxpayer dollars, the Huntsman Family, et. al.?

Oh well, I obviously have no love for the Trib. I just hope that people will wake up to the fact that the Bears Ears National Monument is the opposite of protection and was appropriated by CLF and Patagonia. The industrialized tourism machine masquerades as environmentalist saviors when in reality they hate America, are funded by people who hate America, and attract people and newspaper editors who hate America. No wonder the Trib is so involved. Utah should jettison CLF, the Trib, the Monument, the BLM, the US Attorney’s office, Bob Shelby, and every other group that tried to sell out the people of southern Utah - including Navajos who, in San Juan County, are still overwhelmingly opposed to the Monument and the tourism it has generated.

It’s time to ride the Pariah Trail, finish the reroute of the historic Recapture Canyon road, restart our logging industries, build more water infrastructure, fund our schools, and put our people back to work in seriously wealth-building endeavors! It’s time to stop being intimidated by bullies or hoodwinked by schemers. This contention will not resolve by capitulation; only by insistence on the truth and by expelling those, like the Trib, whose only function is to stir up hate.

And as a side note: Making deals with environmentalists does not buy loyalty or certainty, it just reveals your cowardice and bad judgment. (Yes, I am, sadly, talking to our Utah DC delegation, past and present [and to the promoters of groups like our own CCDC]). (Thanks for noticing this, Josh Kanter.)

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