Congressman Stewart has Emerged from the Swamp as the #1 House Lapdog for Trump.

At a political convention last week, Stewart called for an investigation. Not of Trump or the Russians. But of ‘abuses’ by officials at the FBI and the Justice Department in investigating possible Russian interference in our election. (Stewart following to a tee the Trump party line script that our national pillar institutions are corrupt – and it is Trump who is the last bastion of virtue protecting the Republic.)

Shame on you Congressman.

Trump cannot carry the water of honorable career people like Mueller, Yeates, Comey and McCabe. Let history show that you, sir, have disgraced yourself by taking part in the horrendous dismantling of the reputations of these dedicated public servants who simply told the truth and did their job.

It is the job of Congress to keep a check on the President—not to cover-up—for any president, especially a president who has directed an open campaign of total defiance against another branch of government.

One article of impeachment against President Richard Nixon accused him of failing “without lawful cause or excuse to produce papers and things as directed by duly authorized subpoenas.”

Personal ambition, Congressman, must never replace constitutional responsibility.

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