Small group that will shape the decision on Utah state taxes

Sounds so boring--but this is important. Assignments have been made on the small group that will shape the decision on Utah state taxes--perhaps for a generation. WHY IS A POWERFUL LOBBYIST ON THIS PANEL? Which clients is he representing? Is he billing them for his time on the panel?

This is how we roll in Utah. After six years on the Senate Revenue and Tax Committee, I know enough to make a prediction about what is going to happen.

The legislature has a bromance with tax lawyer/lobbyist for big business Steve Young (not the football player). They listen to his testimony in hushed tones. HE REPRESENTS BIG BUSINESS--and he delivers.

Steve Young's prints will be all over Utah's new tax structure. Fix is in. Big winners--roads and BIG business. Big losers--Utah's school kids and educators.

This is not personal, but this panel should NOT have a lobbyist! It needs a tax EXPERT representing regular Utah workers and education!

Below is a partial list of Mr. Young's client list:

Myriad Genetics

Intermountain Health Care

Utah Petroleum Association

Utah Manufacturers Association

Utah Taxpayers Association

Western States Association of Tax Representatives

ATI Titanium LLC

Utah Bankers Association

Utah Mining Association

Questar Corporation

Intermountain Power Agency

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