After 3 Glorious Years, Working 24/7 as a Full-Time Volunteer at the Job, Here are My 8 Points of Ad

1. Never allow any meeting to go for more than 59 minutes. The politicians start to circle back with endless hot air after that.

2. The 11th Commandment. NEVER speak ill of ANY Democrat. That is never your job. (Unless there is moral turpitude involved.) You are the cheerleader--not the jury!

3. Never compromise or sell out--no matter what the dollar amount.

4. Never have a dinner or other windy political event that exceeds 89 minutes from the opening ‘Pledge of Allegiance’ to ‘good night everyone’. (Adding a long lingering dessert is OK.)

5. Demand the right to hire and fire your staff. The Party elected you Chair--you have the responsibility – that means you must have the authority – to make your staff decisions. Don’t let the few nattering nabobs of negativism grab the agenda.

6. Remember, time spent worrying, thinking, revising the party constitution or internal blah-blah-blah is time stolen from getting candidates elected.

7. Respect everybody.

8. Speak the truth – people will be shocked! You must not be co-opted by the state’s political machine. Democrats want you to stand up and speak out. Elected officials have a hard time doing that; they see lots of Republicans in their districts. You must loudly and courageously be the voice of conscience in our state. But stay on warm personal terms with the other side. That is the great tightrope.

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