A Trillion Dollar New Nuclear Arms Race--Making Its Start Right Here in Utah!

The military-industrial political complex could not be more pleased. Sitting there is Utah GOP delegation. Like proud puppets, dangling before Northrop Grumman, our state Republican establishment sat at Hill last week for the ribbon cutting. Gleeful and smug. Bringing home the bacon. The entire GOP DC delegation was there. Hard to imagine a less reflective gaggle of men.

Utah is the Fort Sumter in the emerging trillion-dollar nuclear arms race--made possible by Trump's ending unilaterally, American participation in the INF nuclear arms treaty.

Our Utah fellows had every reason to be there. Mike and Mitt had enthusiastically supported the Senate bill which will finance the new arms race. The Senate price tag is a whopping $750 BILLION DOLLARS. (For comparison, the entire Utah state budget is under $18 billion dollars).

Utah will be among the first to enjoy the largesse of the lollapalooza spending on a new arms race--but not the last. Defense contractors are setting up a network to give a factory or supply chain honey pot to more than 320 Congressional districts. Smart political move.

It is time to think--not spend. Do we need the old nuke strategy? America came up with the triad in the 1950s. To make sure if we got hit--we could respond. Does that model make sense for the 2090s?

If you hadn't built a new car since 1952, would you start with a Buick Super Riviera Hardtop and make some changes on that car? Or would build a car to fit the times? Treaties and plans. A complete rethink--with China in the mix. Is this 1950s, trillion-dollar spending being driven for the benefit of the troops or the defense contractors?

Recently the New Yorker asked some interesting questions. Why do we have nuclear weapons? What they are for? How might they be used? And, at a time when a single American submarine can destroy the capital city of every country in the United Nations, how much is enough? These are questions I doubt Rob Bishop has ever even entertained. Has the man ever had a thoughtful moment?

For Bishop and the rest, there is never enough money for Hill (look at the horrendous trillion-dollar, Hill, F-35 mess). In their world, defense contractors always get priority--no matter how wasteful or unnecessary their schemes. No questions asked--give them the cash.

But for Medicaid Expansion--sorry Utah, that, no-can-do.

Your extra credit reading assignment is:


Let me know when you finish.

https://www.deseret.com/utah/2019/8/29/20836945/utah-new-nuclear-arms-race-northrop-grumman-weapons?fbclid=IwAR2fx0jnHgxROjlth7E26BVRvUdg3u NI1DfeiaNU3e6IVQiD8vE2aWumqKw

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