Senator Mike Lee Asks the Supreme Court to Support LGBTQ Discrimination

The self-proclaimed constitutional scholar is a leader in a group urging the Supreme Court to enshrine in law support of LGBTQ discrimination. He demands LGBTQ people's basic rights be expunged to protect some amorphic 'religious freedom.' First, it’s hard to see how their freedom is threatened in America today.

In the words of the Salt Lake Tribune's George Pyle, speaking of Mike Lee and others who cover their raw bias with lofty words of freedom, “You can conduct your own personal, financial, sexual behaviors as you choose. Pretending to exempt yourself from any personal responsibility for those decisions because they are dictated by your faith. When, in fact, that’s always been a dodge and you are always responsible for your own choices.”

BTW, if I am only entitled to 50% of the freedoms of other Americans, does that come with a commensurate tax rate cut? Hi1PaHvSVSQytpNQBtgC9sGxXwNBwcz5IWg

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